Textiles sector

Textiles are currently still ending up in landfills and at incineration plants. They are valuable resources that can be used to sustainably and ecologically reduce the environmental impact with continually rising consumption and population growth.

As part of the ‘Green Deal’, the European Commission has announced an EU strategy for textiles that will have far-reaching consequences for the entire production chain, but also for the handling of textiles at the end of the life cycle.

Circular design, sustainable production, circular textile economy and even new business models are all important issues that contribute to a transformation of the textile industry. Therefore, the cooperation with actors of the textile-recycling sector is becoming increasingly important in order to achieve circular economy in your business. Here, I can help you understand the mechanisms and regulations of the used textiles market, enter into partnerships and develop customised concepts and solutions for your sustainability strategy.

  • Strategic planning
  • Establishment and implementation of take-back systems
  • Establishment of cooperation in textile recycling
  • Development of alternative measures for promoting collection and recycling activities
  • Selection and monitoring of suitable service providers